House grow ’or split-grow houses in a simple sense is the concept of home construction that still leaves room for possible development in accordance with the needs of homeowners in the future. That is, you can design a master plan as a whole, but do not need to build the entire design, but only certain parts that you need according to the current budget and needs.

Therefore, the ‘home grown’ is usually a simple but luxurious model that is not too big, but can be located on large land. This concept can also reduce the cost of spending on house construction. The main principle of a growing house is strength and durability structurally because of the possibility of further development in the future.

When you want to build a garden in the front and back area you can look for references from pictures of simple house plans in the village, because usually the plan will give you the inspiration to shades of green. You can add your garden with some small plants to put on the edge of the park.

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