The most preferred thing when building a house is the completeness of the spaces in the house, including the special space for washing and drying clothes. With the sun in your home, this will make it easier for you. With this sunroom, your clothes will not be exposed to rain.

This is very effective for those of you who don’t employ helpers and is effective for those of you who often work late. The existence of this sunroom will make you not feel anxious or worried in case of sudden rain.

You can apply a contextual minimalist design. That is, according to Bill Raun, the concept emphasizes that occupancy has to do with the environment or buildings around it. This connection can be created through the process of reviving specific elements that exist in the surrounding environment or old buildings into new buildings.

How to? For example, use local design motifs, such as the shape of the mass, patterns, and rhythm of the openings, as well as the design ornaments used. To be more integrated with the local environment, you can also apply local materials so that your building does not look ‘out of place’ in the middle of a simple neighborhood.

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