Liven up the natural impression, bamboo stems can be an alternative choice as a bulkhead material besides tree branches. You can arrange bamboo sticks neatly or randomly with different tilt angles and diameters to present a variety of styles and atmosphere of the room.

Combine this room divider in an oriental interior style room for attractive visual harmony. Natural-style interiors can also be an appropriate alternative to present a room divider like this.

Who would have thought that the remnants of branches and branches that are often considered rubbish turned out to be creatively transformed into attractive space dividers? You can arrange a meeting of lean branches in long plant pots so that it gives a more private impression between spaces.

For a more open impression, you can use larger tree branches and arrange them more loosely as a room divider. Room dividers from tree branches like this can be an option for spaces that have a natural style. Give lights or lighting from the bottom, so the shadows and light produced becomes more dynamic because of the organic formation of tree branches.

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