Monochromatic color palette scheme will remain a 2018 minimalist house paint color trend. This means you will see more houses that use a variety of the same paint color blend. However, the lack of contrast and accent in most minimalist home paint colors will encourage designers to choose a more experimental and bold color combination.

Associated with other minimalist design elements, the monochromatic scheme takes over the visual dominance of the design to make it more interesting and easier to understand. That is, monochromatic color schemes can accentuate accents, rather than compete to attract attention.

Bright colors are very attractive and striking. That is, entering a variety of bold colors can create chaos in the design of your home. However, monochromatic color schemes can overcome this dilemma.

Monochromatic color schemes from a blend of shades, tones, and tints colors will produce a spectrum with a wide choice of minimalist house paint color combinations for every part of your home design. Consider the house below, which uses a monochromatic color scheme with a brown base color.

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