Minimalist house design 2 floors type 45 almost resembles house type 36, but the size of each room is made wider to feel quite wide. This type of house is the development of a minimalist 1 floor type 45 house with a ground floor area of ​​45 square meters, while the second floor can vary according to residents’ needs. To beautify the house building to appear more attractive, minimalist exterior and interior design is needed.

In addition, the cost of a minimalist house 2 Floor type 45 is quite affordable, as is type 36, so this type of house is also the most sought after by people in addition to being comfortable and providing a wide range of mobility for its residents. The main characteristic of a minimalist house 2 floors type 45 is its superiority in terms of design which makes every corner of the 2 floors function even though the area is very narrow.

One function of house plans is that you can make the most of limited land. The form of a modular house consisting of rooms that are also modular in this simple house plan successfully manages the land’s drought effectively.

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