Although it has a limited size, minimalist house type 2 floor 36 is designed for families who have a modern life, but simple. This type of house is the development of a minimalist 1-storey house type 36 with a ground floor area of ​​36 square meters, while the second floor can vary according to the needs of residents.

Minimalist house 2 floors type 36 is the right solution to overcome the problem of increasing the number of family members. A variety of room layout options are still needed in this design, although limited in size. The design of this type of house focuses on exploring colors, materials, textures, and shapes on a minimalist exterior and interior appearance that can make your home look more modern and elegant.

In terms of economics, the cost of a minimalist house 2 Floor type 36 is quite affordable so it makes this type of house the most sought after by people in addition to being comfortable and providing a wide range of space for its residents. In addition, this type of house also helps facilitate construction workers to carry out their work.

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