Minimalist house model 2 floors size 6 × 9 has a size slightly larger than type 36 and 45. Although each room size is slightly more spacious, you still have to carefully plan the layout of the space. To give the impression of space, you should use tricks to create space without a dividing wall aimed at disguising the appearance of your minimalist home so it does not feel cramped.

Minimalist house design 2 floors 6 × 12 has a size slightly larger than the type 6×9, usually with a few additions on the back. Tips for creating space without a parapet can also be used to disguise the look of your home to make it look more spacious.

Can be seen from this simple house plan a strategic spatial planning that is dividing the two sides of the land into two different function areas. On the right side is the communal space area and service area, while on the left side is a private area consisting of two bedrooms and bathrooms. Arranging simple house plans like this make limited land not wasted.

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