Having a house that is not large enough does not mean you cannot display the style and aesthetics of a simple but beautiful home model. If you choose this type of house, you can explore colors, materials, textures, and shapes on the exterior and interior minimalist appearance so that your tiny dwelling looks more luxurious and beautiful.

Quality building materials do not have to be expensive or foreign production. To save on building costs, you can use local building materials such as wood, bamboo, and others. Besides being easily found, these types of building materials are also cheaper.

Houses that have a lot of space tend to cost more, because they require more building materials. To save it, make a multifunctional room. For example the living room that also functions as a family room, or kitchen which is integrated with the dining room. Making this multifunctional room in accordance with the minimalist type of home design. Does not need a lot of space, so it is more efficient in the use of building materials.

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