If you paint walls with cool colors (green, blue, purple, or gray), mix them with white variants that also give a cooler impression.

Similarly, if you choose minimalist warmer house paint colors (shades of red, brown, orange, yellow, or peach), choose a variant of white that has a little warmth (warm white).

The choice of color tones here will have more effect when applied as interior space color paint, compared to the exterior of the house, because you will stay longer in it and feel the impact immediately. It is recommended to choose cool indoor paint colors when you build a house in a hot area, and vice versa, choose warm indoor paint colors when you build a house / villa in a cold weather place.

There is a fairly large room divider dividing the bedroom with a family room, but the partition is only three-quarters of the height of the wall and serves as a TV panel. The rest of the zoning space in this simple house plan is done by placing furniture such as dining tables with the concept of a bar and the use of floor coatings that are different in motif or material.

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