The tendency of homeowners with large tracts of land is trying to maximize every corner of existing land without regard to function and aesthetics. The result, the design of the house seemed haphazard and not focused on a simple minimalist theme, but still beautiful. The centralized concept is very appropriate to be applied to large areas with limited budgets.

House prices every year have increased significantly enough that sometimes owning a home is often just a dream. However, now banking has made it easy for many people with a home purchase program with pencil. If the funding problem is resolved, go to home design. For this reason, here are some pictures of a simple 3-bedroom house plan with other rooms, which you can copy as a reference.

A simple 3 bedroom house plan with a small mosque is one of the recommendations most often offered to those who will build a simple house with a complete room. In this floor plan will usually provide a fairly spacious living room, so you will feel comfortable when fighting with family.

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