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Minimalist House 2 Floors Type 45

Minimalist house design 2 floors type 45 almost resembles house type 36, but the size of each room is made wider to feel quite wide. This type of house is the development of a minimalist 1 floor type 45 house with a ground floor area of ​​45 square meters, while the second floor can vary according to residents’ needs. To beautify the house building to appear more attractive, minimalist exterior and interior design is needed.

In addition, the cost of a minimalist house 2 Floor type 45 is quite affordable, as is type 36, so this type of house is also the most sought after by people in addition to being comfortable and providing a wide range of mobility for its residents. The main characteristic of a minimalist house 2 floors type 45 is its superiority in terms of design which makes every corner of the 2 floors function even though the area is very narrow.

One function of house plans is that you can make the most of limited land. The form of a modular house consisting of rooms that are also modular in this simple house plan successfully manages the land’s drought effectively.

Minimalist House 2 Floors Type 36

Although it has a limited size, minimalist house type 2 floor 36 is designed for families who have a modern life, but simple. This type of house is the development of a minimalist 1-storey house type 36 with a ground floor area of ​​36 square meters, while the second floor can vary according to the needs of residents.

Minimalist house 2 floors type 36 is the right solution to overcome the problem of increasing the number of family members. A variety of room layout options are still needed in this design, although limited in size. The design of this type of house focuses on exploring colors, materials, textures, and shapes on a minimalist exterior and interior appearance that can make your home look more modern and elegant.

In terms of economics, the cost of a minimalist house 2 Floor type 36 is quite affordable so it makes this type of house the most sought after by people in addition to being comfortable and providing a wide range of space for its residents. In addition, this type of house also helps facilitate construction workers to carry out their work.

The House Grows Plans

House grow ’or split-grow houses in a simple sense is the concept of home construction that still leaves room for possible development in accordance with the needs of homeowners in the future. That is, you can design a master plan as a whole, but do not need to build the entire design, but only certain parts that you need according to the current budget and needs.

Therefore, the ‘home grown’ is usually a simple but luxurious model that is not too big, but can be located on large land. This concept can also reduce the cost of spending on house construction. The main principle of a growing house is strength and durability structurally because of the possibility of further development in the future.

When you want to build a garden in the front and back area you can look for references from pictures of simple house plans in the village, because usually the plan will give you the inspiration to shades of green. You can add your garden with some small plants to put on the edge of the park.

Simple House Model in The Village

The most preferred thing when building a house is the completeness of the spaces in the house, including the special space for washing and drying clothes. With the sun in your home, this will make it easier for you. With this sunroom, your clothes will not be exposed to rain.

This is very effective for those of you who don’t employ helpers and is effective for those of you who often work late. The existence of this sunroom will make you not feel anxious or worried in case of sudden rain.

You can apply a contextual minimalist design. That is, according to Bill Raun, the concept emphasizes that occupancy has to do with the environment or buildings around it. This connection can be created through the process of reviving specific elements that exist in the surrounding environment or old buildings into new buildings.

How to? For example, use local design motifs, such as the shape of the mass, patterns, and rhythm of the openings, as well as the design ornaments used. To be more integrated with the local environment, you can also apply local materials so that your building does not look ‘out of place’ in the middle of a simple neighborhood.

Simple but Luxurious 2 Storey House

You can also have a simple but luxurious 2-storey house model even though you have limited funds. The following are some examples of simple home designs that you can apply for your own dwelling.

In this floor plan is also usually equipped with a dining room and family room which is made into a large room. This prayer room will facilitate you in carrying out worship, for Muslims. In this prayer room you can still carry out prayer in congregation. With the existence of this mosque is very effective and efficient for you.

If you might need more information to be used as a reference in building your dream home. You just look for it on the internet, and find which picture of a simple 3-room house plan with a mosque that best suits your taste.

One alternative plan or one that is usually used to build a simple house is a 6 × 12 floor plan. Simple houses of that size are very often used because they are not too large, nor too small.

Centralized Concept Home Design

The tendency of homeowners with large tracts of land is trying to maximize every corner of existing land without regard to function and aesthetics. The result, the design of the house seemed haphazard and not focused on a simple minimalist theme, but still beautiful. The centralized concept is very appropriate to be applied to large areas with limited budgets.

House prices every year have increased significantly enough that sometimes owning a home is often just a dream. However, now banking has made it easy for many people with a home purchase program with pencil. If the funding problem is resolved, go to home design. For this reason, here are some pictures of a simple 3-bedroom house plan with other rooms, which you can copy as a reference.

A simple 3 bedroom house plan with a small mosque is one of the recommendations most often offered to those who will build a simple house with a complete room. In this floor plan will usually provide a fairly spacious living room, so you will feel comfortable when fighting with family.

Inspiring Maximize Space for Your Home

In a simple but beautiful home model, the main key lies in comfort by maximizing each space so that it can still free up your space.

So, no need to worry anymore for those of you who want to build their own home with limited funds. Now, you can realize the construction of a dream home for your small family even though it is only simple, but still impressed modern and majestic. Whatever the design and whatever the size, as long as you and your family are comfortable living in it will definitely be happier.

The house is a very very need to be met. Apart from functioning to protect from the heat from the rain, the house is also a place where we can gather, joke around with family. Having a comfortable home is everyone’s dream, especially for those who already have a partner. However, usually for newly married couples, the dream is often constrained by funding or cost issues.

Details and Textures Home Plans

Having a house that is not large enough does not mean you cannot display the style and aesthetics of a simple but beautiful home model. If you choose this type of house, you can explore colors, materials, textures, and shapes on the exterior and interior minimalist appearance so that your tiny dwelling looks more luxurious and beautiful.

Quality building materials do not have to be expensive or foreign production. To save on building costs, you can use local building materials such as wood, bamboo, and others. Besides being easily found, these types of building materials are also cheaper.

Houses that have a lot of space tend to cost more, because they require more building materials. To save it, make a multifunctional room. For example the living room that also functions as a family room, or kitchen which is integrated with the dining room. Making this multifunctional room in accordance with the minimalist type of home design. Does not need a lot of space, so it is more efficient in the use of building materials.

House Plans of 3 Rooms 7×9 Size

If you want to have a 7×9 size 3 bedroom house plan, you can develop a 7×9 size house plan into 2 floors. Or if your land is wider, you can just make a 3×7 room plan for 7 floors.

Although examples of 3×7 room plans are very rare, you can modify from various examples of 3×3 room plans for 3-room houses, because the size is not much different.

To build your own house, basically you do not have to wait until the funds are sufficient for all parts of the construction. You can start gradually. Starting from making the foundation, building construction, to the roof installation is done and adjusted to the existing budget. Indeed, this can take longer, but it provides an opportunity for you to focus more on each stage, and the funds spent can be more organized and easily monitored.

House Plans 3 Rooms Size 6×12

The shape of the building affects the level of difficulty of construction and the need for building materials. Square or rectangular houses tend to be easier to build and more cost effective than triangular or other angular houses. Generally, to form several angles or arches will leave a lot of unused building material. In addition, the level of difficulty in angular or curved buildings is also higher so it is risky for imperfect shapes. The need for an overhaul of course requires more time and also costs.

The higher price of building materials is one factor that must be carefully considered. Not a few people are delaying the construction of their homes because of the price of building materials that are not pocket friendly. Now, so that funding needs for building materials can be estimated, then do research on the price. No need to hesitate or even embarrassed to go in and out of building shops to ask the price of materials needed, ranging from cement, sand, bricks, iron, and so forth. The importance of comparing prices is because every store does not always sell at the same price. Thus, you can choose quality building materials at lower prices.

Building your own house does not mean that you also built the house, but you need the services of a builder or builder as the executor of the construction. It is they who will mix all the building materials and present the final result in the form of a good quality home building. Considering the important role of this artisan, it is not surprising that the cost to pay for his services takes up a sizeable portion of the prepared budget. Therefore, you must be selective in choosing a handyman. Choose a handyman who is truly an expert in his field and has a good work reputation. This is important because good or not the performance of the craftsman will affect the efficiency of the home construction process.