Month: December 2018

Simple Home Plans 6×12

Houses with minimalist type designs are currently becoming a trend both for the development of public housing and the construction of one’s own home. The design of this house is considered more efficient in the use of building materials but still seems modern and luxurious. In accordance with the minimalist design, this type of house saves space so it does not spend a lot of building materials. To get a minimalist type of home design, you do not need to spend to hire the services of an architect, but can browse on the internet so you can get the desired home design for free.

One of the most developed types of housing developers is the simple 6×12 home design. If you have a 6×12 meter land and want to build a modern, comfortable and simple minimalist home, then the following home designs might help you. The right design for this land is house type 45, meaning that the building area has an area of ​​approximately 45 square meters.

Land with a simple 6×12 house design is ideal for residential in urban areas because the size is just right, not too narrow, and also not too broad, so the price is still affordable.

The Concept of a 2-Room House Plan

For those of you who have ample land, and are in a residential area or not located in a residential area, this is one big advantage because you are free to be creative with your land. However, if you want to design a more simple, practical and economical 2 bedroom 1 floor house plan, it never hurts to try a few simple tricks.

The simple house sketch below follows the concept of a growing house with certain grid patterns that allow future vertical and horizontal development.

As a first step, plan the construction of your home, starting from the funds, the size of the building, to the target development time. This plan will function as a controller for possible deviations during the construction process. If the implementation of housing construction deviates from the plan, it will certainly have an impact on the costs. For example, the ‘ngaret’ of the construction time will certainly add to the cost of the workman. Therefore, choose a professional builder or contractor who is truly an expert in his field, so that he can do the construction of the house in accordance with what has been planned.

Inspiring Minimalist Home Plans

At present there have been many developed housing ready for habitation. Even so, not a few people who want to build their own homes. The reasons vary, but the most reason used is because they can design the house themselves according to their needs and desires.

However, building your own home is not an easy and inexpensive thing. Not to mention the basic needs that must always be met while the price tends to always rise. In fact, many are trapped, which initially wanted to be economical but instead screamed because the cost of building their own homes is far greater than the funds available. Not only costs, building your own house also requires a long time. So, inevitably it must be patient to be able to immediately occupy the dream home.

The desire to build their own homes is often faced with financial constraints. It must be admitted that housing construction requires substantial funds. However, that does not mean a good home must always be expensive. If you know the tips, building a good quality home at a low cost can be realized. Here are 8 ways to build your own house at low cost.